The college Annual Cultural Extravaganza which is aptly coined “Rhythms” is a platform for showcasing the talents in the various Art forms such as Literary events, Music, Dramatics, Dance, Photography, Personality contest and many more. It is an Intercollegiate Fest where in students get to interact amongst each other as well as compete with students from various other colleges. The fest attracts many prominent companies such as Coke, McDonalds, big fashion houses etc as sponsors. It is normally held in the last week of January when the climate is just appropriate and gaiety is already in the air. Every year some new event is introduced and the highlight of the recently concluded ‘Rhythms 2017’ is the ‘College Anthem’ and ‘Theme song for Rhythms’ that was composed entirely by the students of this college.
The spectacular run up of events is immediately followed by the Annual Alumni meet where the alumni are treated to a glimpse of some of the programs and this marks the grand finale to the four day long festival.
To conclude it is the most awaited event of the year wherein the students and Professors alike participate with gusto and though academics take a backseat then but the managerial skills, leadership qualities, inter personal skills and many such soft skills are honed to perfection.